When Conversation Is An Effort

Women are usually the more verbally expressive creatures. We like to chat, engage in conversation and explore various ideas, but what if your man is the quiet type or doesn’t enjoy talking? Does this pose a problem?

When It’s Not An Issue

Conversation isn’t the same as communication.

There is a difference between communicating your needs and wants effectively, and having intellectual conversations. Your man may not be the talkative type, but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t express (in his own way) his needs and wants. If you can easily communicate with each other and pick up on each other’s cues (body language, gestures, acts of service, etc.) without needing verbal indicators, then stagnant conversation isn’t necessarily an issue.

When It’s An Issue

If being able to have deep, meaningful and long conversations is something you feel is an important component for a successful relationship, you may need to reconsider whether or not you’re really okay with the non-conversationalist type of man.If you are less interested in non-verbal cues and prefer having things said and discussed, then stagnant conversation becomes a matter of compatibility.

Everyone communicates in different ways, and if you are inexperienced or unfamiliar with the communication channel that your partner uses, there is a higher probability for misunderstandings and confusions. This becomes an issue when one or both partners feel they aren’t being heard or understood. They need words or verbal indications to be in check, and a lack thereof causes tension and confusion.

I’m Not Sure

It may take effort to keep a conversation going, but that doesn’t mean you have a communication problem. Poor conversation isn’t a reflection of how well you understand your partner. Not every pair relies on intellectually stimulating conversation to keep a relationship strong and healthy.

When deciding if poor conversational flow is an issue, first you must ask yourself if it poses any problems in your relationship. Are there misunderstandings and arguments that arise from poor verbal exchange? Or can you effectively keep each other in the loop without having lengthy conversations?

Every couple is different, and every relationship will have different strengths and weaknesses. Before deciding if poor conversation is really an issue, look at the bigger picture. If an improvement in this area could drastically improve your relationship, then you may need to reevaluate your priorities or recognize that your main channel of communication (language) main not be the same as your partner’s. If it’s something you wish was more present but doesn’t cause any real issues, then perhaps it’s time to accept that the strengths in your relationship may lie elsewhere.



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