Releasing Fears About Romance

Too often we find ourselves questioning if our man is the one, if we are good enough, if our suspicions could be true and if we’re doing the right thing. For some reason we feel embarrassed or ashamed of our relationship status and we get uncomfortable with talking about it, as if it somehow dictates who we are and how much love is in our lives.

In any current state of affairs — whether you’re single, in a relationship or somewhere in between — you must accept that all is possible. You could die alone, you could find the one, your worst fears could come true or everything will continue as planned. If you accept that all imagined outcomes and scenarios are possible, you unlock yourself from the grid of having to decide which is more likely depending on what you do. Instead you can live in the knowing that your only responsibility is to follow your heart and be who you truly are. At the end of the day, regardless what happens, you gain experience — so it’s important to express our true nature without compromising it for the sake of a potential outcome, which typically isn’t what we expect anyways.

We need to accept that when it comes to romance, there are things that are simply out of our control. Accepting this truth will help you reconnect with the part of yourself that is fearless — a time before it mattered if you wanted a serious relationship or not, when nothing was set in stone and things gone wrong weren’t detrimental to your self-esteem. When there were no pressures to find a life partner or fill a certain role by a certain age.

woman freedom

We have forgotten to love and forgive ourselves as adults; to be careless and free from what men think about our bodies or personalities; to be the women we are without allowing our sense of self to be influenced with what is or isn’t happening in our love lives. When you realize that anything is possible, good or bad, it becomes easier to release any fears and doubts about romantic outcomes because you know that no matter what happens, no part of you will be compromised. No part of the true inner woman that you are can be affected.

You are pure, feminine power regardless of:

  • how many men you’ve slept with
  • what your body looks like
  • how you are treated in relationships
  • your romantic patterns
  • your bad habits, addictions or guilty pleasures
  • your unconventional tastes, views or opinions
  • your sexual orientation
  • your ‘status’ in any regard

Understand that no matter what happens with the men in your life, you will always still be you. We need to untie this influence on our identities so we can release our romantic fears and be true to the real women that we are.


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